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Moleskine and the Customizable Notebook(0)

April 1, 2010

When writing about the whole New Publishing thing and people customizing their printed products I was very likely to talk about press products. After my interview with London based Really Interesting Group for Weave 02.2010, Ben pointed out a customizable train timetable that could be printed out, depending on your most frequent travels and relevant […]

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Da Villa Bookstore

Wow-chitecture. Da Vila Bookstore | Fubizâ„¢

Checkdisout #2: New Publishing Intro

New Publishing: Die Einführung mit aktuellen Beispielen zum Thema als PDF. The Printed Blog It’s Nice That Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet 2008 Mine- My Magazine. My Way. The Fader Podcast inkl. PDF Fader F2 Magazine MagCloud Tabbloid Pulp Unlike

Checkdisout #2: Video

Checkdisout: am 26. Mai 2009 ging Hamburgs neues Forum für Kreative in die nächste Runde. Das Thema des Abends: New Publishing. Im Kunstverein Hamburg trafen sich Verena Dauerer (Page, Ex Ping-Mag), Markus Peichl (Lead Academy), Alain Bieber (Art, GuteSeiten), Alexander Böker (Chesley) und Moderator Daniel Schoeps. Die gesamte Diskussion gibt es jetzt als Video.

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