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90 Mobiles in 90 Days: The Aftermath

Mobile design strategist Rachel Hinman took a creative recovery from her job at Adaptive Path to conduct an ambitious project: protoype 90 mobile related ideas within 90 days. The project site is a great documentation of all ideas and sketches she had been working on during the three month project, initially started in June 2008.

The Front Row

A recent edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung’s highly awarded SZ-Magazin features a brilliant photo series of music fans in the first row. The photographers visited a total of 23 concerts featuring the likes of Shakira, Marilyn Manson, The Sex Pistols, Rod Steward and more. Any guesses on who these guys are trying to impersonate? The Front […]

Nikki McClure at Giant Robot SF

During our recent stay in San Francisco we had to drop by the wonderful Giant Robot store, just around the corner from Haight Street. The shop still is a reliable source for great books, graphic novels, T-shirts, plastic toys, artist prints and also has a gallery space with changing exhibitions. For all of those who […]

Data Flow: Information Explained in a New Visual Language

Berlin-based Gestalten Verlag have just released a new book that takes a deeper look into data visualisation in graphic design. Data Flow is a 256 page compendium of various outstanding projects in the field of information visualisation. The book’s intro offers some nice thought starters on the subject: “We live in a world where every […]

Interview with David L. Sifry, Offbeat Guides

PSFK Germany recently had the chance to talk to David L. Sifry – whom many of you probably know as the founder and CEO of Technorati. His most recent venture is Offbeat Guides, an online service for producing customized travel guides. Offbeat Guides’ simple process for building your own travel guide is based on answering […]

Nothing to Say, Nothing to Sell?

Flickr user/nightlife fiend Spanier has put together a nice set of photos showcasing empty billboards in Hamburg. He shares his observations and writes: I don’t know why there are so many empty billboards right now in Hamburg. Maybe some of the companies placing billboards went bankrupt, maybe it’s just because it’s January and they all […]

Emtpy Seat Travelling Reconsidered

With the economy in decline and peak oil in the back of our minds, many of us are rethinking the way we travel. While some are rediscovering the amenities of train travel, others are warming up to the idea of sharing their sacred car space with others, even if it means losing some convenience or […]

Hier und Da: Eine neue New York Perspektive

Die Design Agentur Schulze & Webb hat eine auf 1000 Stück limitierte Edition einer horizontfreien Perspektive auf New York gestaltet. Was ist da eigentlich los?

Checkdisout #2: New Publishing Intro

New Publishing: Die Einführung mit aktuellen Beispielen zum Thema als PDF. The Printed Blog It’s Nice That Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet 2008 Mine- My Magazine. My Way. The Fader Podcast inkl. PDF Fader F2 Magazine MagCloud Tabbloid Pulp Unlike

Checkdisout #2: Video

Checkdisout: am 26. Mai 2009 ging Hamburgs neues Forum für Kreative in die nächste Runde. Das Thema des Abends: New Publishing. Im Kunstverein Hamburg trafen sich Verena Dauerer (Page, Ex Ping-Mag), Markus Peichl (Lead Academy), Alain Bieber (Art, GuteSeiten), Alexander Böker (Chesley) und Moderator Daniel Schoeps. Die gesamte Diskussion gibt es jetzt als Video.