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November 25, 2012

Everybody is talking big data these days, add platforms and eco-systems, give it a little cultural spice on top– there goes your hot pot full of steamy, yet unsolved modern-day riddles. Haruki got curious, our Editor in Chief sparked some thoughts on the matter and kicks off a new Haruki Observatory Mini Series.

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Sharing Mobility and Shared Responsibility.

Every day on my way to work I pass by one of Stadtrad Hamburgs stations in Karoviertel. While the service is extremely well-reiceived by my fellow Hamburgers it seems a bit odd to me that the bikes are being re-stocked by aid of a mini-van. Sharing mobility is a great concept– but how about shared responsibility?

First We Take Berlin: der Doku-Marathon “24h Berlin” zum Selbst-Schneiden.

24h Berlin- das sind 750 Stunden Rohmaterial, 30 Terrabyte Videodaten. Dieser enorme Fundus an Videomaterial steht auf der Webseite First We Take Berlin offen für neue Erzählungen.

Memory Machines

We all add up to the tremendous amounts of data out on the web and on our personal storage devices. The problem: handling data has become quite a challenging organizational issue for both individuals and corporations.

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