90 Mobiles in 90 Days: The Aftermath


Mobile design strategist Rachel Hinman took a creative recovery from her job at Adaptive Path to conduct an ambitious project: protoype 90 mobile related ideas within 90 days. The project site is a great documentation of all ideas and sketches she had been working on during the three month project, initially started in June 2008.

With the project timeframe come to an end, Rachel puts the whole process under review on her site, with some remarks on how she found inspiration and how difficult it was in the beginning to create ideas and concepts on a daily basis:

In the process of coming up with an idea a day about mobile experience every day for 90 days, I became aware of where inspiration comes from. Anywhere. Admittedly and obviously, a lot of the ideas were born out of first hand experiences in mobile contexts waiting for the bus, walking down the street, waiting at an airport. But inspiration also came from unexpected places. I was inspired by architecture, by kelp forests at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, by my niece. I never knew when inspiration would strike so I quickly learned that I needed to be open to the world to the people and places around me and that inspiration would follow.

As a result, this process has allowed me to forge a different relationship to the people, places and things that touch my daily life. I feel a lot more engaged with the world because I rely on it as a source of inspiration. This process has opened me up to people and conversations. I’ve become more engaged with my neighborhood, the city, with nature. This project has made me more observant and patient person. It made me more empathetic; it made me a better designer.

90 Mobiles in 90 Days

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